Keeping photography mobile: How to move your camera images to your Mac editing platform


One of the advantages of iPhoneography over photography is the ability to do post production on you iPhone (or iPad depending on your workflow) as soon as you take the image. I use a wide variety of editing apps, including Snapseed and Camera Bag, and importing images taken on my iPhone are as painless as could possibly be.

Enter my foray into “normal” photography with my Nikon V1. The biggest obstacles for me to using a standard camera is keeping it with me and the seemless transition of the image to an editing platform (i.e. the mobile party of iPhoneography). I am still working through the “keeping it with me” issue and will post on that in the future. In this post I will tackle the movement of images from my Nikon V1 to my iPad.

I use the iPhone, iPad, and my MacBook Pro to edit photos. My method of choice is to use DropBox to move the image take with my iPhone to one of these devices but Nikon has yet to come out with a Dropbox App.

The workaround was provided through a gift from my father (who began his career as a professional photographer, you can see some of his work here). There is an incredibly simple adapter that can be purchased for $19.99 from the Mac Store that allows you to upload photos directly from your camera’s SD car how simple it is to upload your images to your iPad (or iPhone or MacBook Pro) for editing. Here is how simple it is to get the image onto a Mac editing platform:

1. Insert the SD card into the adapter and insert the adapter into the iPad. Note that there are no power adapters or any other cords required. This is critical if you are editing on the move. I plan to do this while I have down time during traveling (i.e. on the plane, train, snowmobile, etc.)


2. The iPad will immediately identify the insertion of the card. Click “Import All”.


3. Sit back and drink a cup of coffee for three minutes and your photos are now ready for editing on your iPad.

This process is slightly slower than using Dropbox to move images from your iPhone but this has solved my original problem of moving images from my Nikon V1 to my iPad. Here is to keeping photography mobile.


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