The moleskine project

I am incredibly busy at work right now. When I am traveling I have little, to no, time to get out and do any iPhoneography or photography. Clearly this blog demonstrates my love for photography and I thoroughly enjoy writing and posting here. Most of what I enjoy capturing is in large cities and requires some walking around to find it but my time for that is limited for the next several months.

I began to ponder how I could still pursue iPhoneography in the limited time I have and produce content that is valuable to you. So  I thought through the following:

What type of photography inspires me?

It has a flare for history. The subject is something that you can, but often do not, see every day (i.e. perspective). The image tells a story. For example, the book “Many are called” fascinates me. The book contains a project performed by Walker Evans and James Agee where they surreptitiously (I know, a bit creepy) folks on the subway between 1938-1941. The photos are fascinating because they capture people with no pretense, going through their daily lives, and you can imagine their stories. I am also fascinated by war photography (think Time magazine images during WWII and Korea).

What can I do to improve my photography?

I have never done a photography project other than testing out a new iPhoneography app for this blog. I wanted to do something would challenge me and force me to continue to develop a good eye. I decided the project had to have a consistent element in each photography that was consistent.


Here is what I came up. I am going to do a series of photos on “ordinary” objects that tell a story. The consistent visual theme will be a Moleskine notebook as the backdrop. The object must fit on Moleskine notebook. This will force me to focus on details and composition. I look forward to sharing the results of the project with you over the next couple of weeks.

10 thoughts on “The moleskine project”

  1. Sounds like a fun project! Interesting use of available light… Like streaming through the venetian blinds, and illuminating the still life would be something to strive for. Another unique element might be ways to hint at the actual date by an element in the picture… Corner of USA today, check stub…handwritten diary entry… Stuff like that. Becomes a visual time capsule. These may be ideas for another project as well.

  2. Photography projects are an exelent way to dig deep into a subject. I have learnt a lot from the projects I have done, and I find it a good way to stay focused.
    Your idea for your project sounds very interesting! Good luck!

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