The moleskine project: No.1

I wrote last week about the moleskine project. This week I am posting my first entry.

2013-01-13 09.20.01_Snapseed Bullet_Snapseed

1. This is a bullet from the Civil War. It clearly was never fired. I have often wondered about the story it would tell. Where it had been? In whose ammunition pouch did it reside? Where did the soldier that carried it come from? Did he not fire this shot because he didn’t make past his first day at the front line or was this the bullet in his hand when the truce was called? Clearly these are all conjecture.

2. Photo taken with 645 Pro

3. Snapseed for editing. One of my main focuses was capturing the shadows around the bullet.

I did a bit of research on how bullets were removed during the Civil War. After observing these instruments I am even more thankful this bullet was never fired.



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