The moleskine project: No.3

The moleskin project: No.3


If you are curious about what the moleskine project, see my post here.


When I married my wife she gave me a pair of cufflinks. Then, there was something of a warm event at our house a few years ago. It required us to move out for several months. The evening of the event, I scoured the house for the most important things. I grabbed photo albums, a laptop, my grandfathers watch, a bible, and the cufflinks. I locked the door to our house that evening at about 3:30 AM knowing the next few months would be trying but thankful no one was injured.


Fast forward to the next day, I could not find the cufflinks. I was sure they would turn-up when the chaos subsided. The months passed. We moved back in after the repairs and unpacked the salvaged belongings. But the cufflinks did not show themselves. I searched. I scrounged but to no avail. I retraced my steps that evening trying to recall exactly where I placed this prized possession but all I happened upon was more and more frustration around my inability to unlock the mind’s caverns and recall where these where.


Until today. I reached into the pocket on the back of one of our cars and my fingers grazed a soft pouch. Puzzled I grabbed the object and pulled it out. I was utterly astonished. I have searched all of our cars multiple times looking for these cufflinks.


So here is to a treasure found, once thought lost.


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