The iPhoneographers U-Turn

Every 3 months I’m ready for a new iPhoneography look. Hipstamatic is my favorite “point and shoot” iPhoneography app. I enjoy that you select a given lens and film combination before the photo is taken. It requires forethought on what you want the image to look like prior to clicking (ok, tapping) the shutter button. (If you need a quick Tutorial on Hipstamatic then click here.)
Over the last six months month I’ve been utilizing the BlacKeys Grain and BlacKeys Super Grain films almost exclusively. I still plan to continue to utilize these films but change is a good thing.
2013-03-23 19.22.00
2013-03-23 19.22.02
With Hipstamatic I experiment with different films when I want a change. I prefer to use Hipstamatic lenses that provide crisp, clean images and do not add a significant amount of artificial textures to the image. This leads me to use the following lenses:
James S
Lucas AB2
As a testament to my desire to experiment, I have 16 difference Hipstamatic film rolls. The new look I wanted to achieve was a color, high contrast, and slightly washed out image (Hence the U-Turn analogy. I have been shooting black and white with Hipstamatic almost exclusively). A usual, Hipstamatic had what I was looking for: W40.
2013-03-23 15.01.29
I have paired wit with the Lucs AB2 lens. I am pretty happy with the results thus far. (If you need tips on how to save your favorite lens and film combinations see my post here).
2013-03-20 13.26.47

15 thoughts on “The iPhoneographers U-Turn

  1. Great post! Hipstamatic was my gateway drug into iPhoneography, but I haven’t used it in a while. I need to dust it off and use it more. I need to remember to save my favorite combos, so thanks for that reminder that can do that.

  2. Great post! Hipstamatic was my gateway drug into iPhoneography, but I haven’t been using it at all lately. I need to dust if off and start using it again. Thanks for the reminder that I can save my favorite film/lens combos.

  3. Blackeys Supergrain is my all-time favorite. Paired with John S, it doesn’t disappoint 🙂 Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to experiment with other combos too 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed reading this even though I don’t currently, and actually never have, used Hipstamatic. Maybe it’s just not my style, or maybe I just havent found the wonders of this beautiful app. Great write up though. I always enjoy seeing peoples process with iPhoneography.

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading this. I was not a Hipstamatic fan at first but it is by far one of my favorites. It’s my “point and shoot” app, if there is such a thing. Have a good one.

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