Tools the iPhoneographer (and Photographer) can’t live without: The back-up





Recently I have been thinking about the tools that the iPhoneographer can’t live without. For that matter, these are tools the Photographer can’t live without.


What is more frustrating than losing an image? Certain images can never be recreated and there are few things more frustrating than losing an image. I have written before about using iCloud and the various other back-up work arounds on the iPhone here.


But what about for the iPhoneographer who is also a photographer (or vice versa)? Thus far the camera manufacturers have not rolled out back-up features straight from the cameras. While I am sure that day will come when such back-up features are standard, what is the current solution?


After much thought and research, I have landed on two levels of back-up. I utilize a Mac Time Capsule in my office. This is a fantastic tool that back-ups my MacBook Pro daily. The downside is this only backs up my images once I download them to a laptop and there is always a risk that the Time Capsule is compromised in some manner. Thus, I explored redundant systems and landed on the Carbonite System.


Here are the benefits:


1. It backs-up my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro, including all my images, as soon as I walk in my house into the Carbonite cloud (i.e. offsite). It also backup my wife’s devices.


2. The back-up space is unlimited. This a a huge benefit for the photographer. One of the largest complaints I have around the Mac iCloud is the cost of additional storage. It is well in excess of market prices. You pay a premium for the integration but what I care about is safe storage, not great integration.


3. The cost of rhe baseline Carbonite back-up system is nominal at $59.


The only downside I have identified thus far is camera images still must be downloaded to my MacBook Pro before the back-up can occur. This issue is usually circumvented by the fact that I download images very frequently and I often download my images to my iPad while on the move.



11 thoughts on “Tools the iPhoneographer (and Photographer) can’t live without: The back-up

  1. Really like the still life photo. I shoot RAW, and have duplicate Aperture libraries in the office, plus a third offsite which only gets refreshed a couple times a year. I am also currently archiving, via scanner, all of my film originals. Will have two copies in the office, and likewise another offsite, and hopefully eventually a drop box which will live on beyond me. Then one day I hope to have the guts to throw all of the film in a dumpster somewhere…. might have to leave that to my heirs…

  2. A timely post for me, Paul. I lost my entire iPhone download last month after saving to an external hard drive from my iPhone and then having the hard drive die immediately after deleting the images from my iPhone. I am still trying to get my home insurance to cover the cost of hard drive recovery but in the meantime, I am researching alternative back-up procedures. I amy never recover my images but I am busy working at never losing images again. My husband has a saying: “There are two kinds of computer users; those who have lost data and those who will lose data.” Sad but true. Dropbox is becoming my best friend at this point. Thanks for posting this important info and advice!

    1. Wow. Sorry to hear you might have lost your photos. It is very frustrating. Dropbox is a great tool. I use it quite a bit as well.

      Hope you are able to recover your photos.

  3. i have a dedicated computer for my photography, shoot in raw, and convert what i need into jpeg. then back up after a couple of months on an external HD. I am pondering however on a tablet, but not for photography though. Well I am canon girl, so the nikon and hammer suit each other, nice bw shot 😉

  4. Hello Paul,
    Thanks so much for your comment on my post at Your Life is a Trip today. I too am an iPhone photographer, and I am jazzed to find your blog. I look forward to your tips and observations.

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