Printic: May the printed photo never die

I recently downloaded the Printic app on my iPhone. What is Printic you ask? Well let me tell you.


The folks at Printic describe their app as:

“…the easiest and fastest way to order prints from your iPhone.” Essentially you select a photo from you iPhone in the Printic app, you can add a message if you like, you select a delivery address, and a glossy shows up in the mailbox at the aforementioned address.

I think we have three questions to answer here:

1. Do I need this app?

2. How does it work?

3. Why don’t I have this app on my iPhone now?

We will take them in order:

1. We don’t need any apps. The iPhone is about what we want. Necessity is not a significant consideration. Does this app bring value? Yes – see below.

2. Printic is a free app. You can download it here. The interface is incredibly easy. After downloading, I was able to order prints in under two minutes. Here is how it works:



Printic has fantastic packaging in which your photos will arrive. Here is what you will find in your mailbox.




Pritic is different than the postcard apps that are out there. I am a huge fan of Postagram. But this is not a postcard. This is your photo printed. You could use it as a postcard but the purpose is to print.

3. Only you can answer why you don’t already have this app on your iPhone. I highly recommend you get it there as soon as possible.


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