Blogging vacation

2012-09-15 07.27.37


Since I happen to be taking some time off of work  this week I thought I would also take a break from iPhoneography and photography related posts. 

Here are a few things I have been exploring that I thought you might find interesting.

Travel. I have traveled quite a bit but I typically end up in urban areas. Cities are fantastic places but I have also been interested in planning some trips to the great outdoors. Here is a good read on the start of the American concept of vacation along with some fantastic stories about the Adirondacks.

Charity. I believe very strongly in responsible charities, those that enable people to change their lives for the better permanently. fashionABLE is one such charity that provides at risk women in Africa with an opportunity to have a sustainable income source. One of the key avenues that fashionABLE is through scarf making. I just purchased one for my wife (we will see if she actually reads my blog or not. I have not told her that I bought one). Whether or not the guys who follow this blog understand it or not, scarves are pretty in right now. fashionABLE is empowering women to change their lives. Who would not want to be a part of that?

History. So, I can’t stay away from photography entirely. History absolutely fascinates me and photography fascinates me because it captures a perspective on history that is different than any other the other vehicle used to document history. There is a relatively new twitter account called Classic Pics that has incredible historical photos. These are not the photos you have seen a million times. Check it out.

Hope you have a good one.



5 thoughts on “Blogging vacation

      1. Don’t have a set date, trying to get some interviews scheduled since that’s the main point of it. So once I can get a couple those done, I’ll be able to move forward.

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