Big day for Hipstamatic + Oggl

A fantastic update awaits iPhoneographers today. Your Hipstamatic lenses and films can now be imported into Oggl.


For those that don’t know, Oggl is Hipstamatic’s Instagram. It is like Instagram on steriods and the photography is generally better than what you see on Instagram. I deactivated my Instagram account quite awhile ago but I was very excited to see Hipstamatic develop a social iPhoneography app. I have posted a limited number of photos on Oggl to date and that was primarily due to the fact that Oggl did not allow for the import of previously purchased Hipstamatic lens and film purchases. You could buy an annual membership that would give you access to all the Hipstamatic lens and film options but I was not all that interested in that avenue.

The update also allows you to post directly from Hipstamatic to Oggl.

I will post over the next few days how to import your Hipstamatic lenses and films into Oggl.

Happy 4th.

Ps: If you have note already done so, you should read the Declaration today lest you miss the importance of the 4th.


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