Where is….


1. Cool viewfinder in London

2. Nikon V1

3. Snapseed


3 thoughts on “Where is….”

  1. Paul, I just found your blog via Life In LoFi and am truly impressed with your work. I am also quite astonished that an accomplished iPhoneographer would admit to using another camera (Nikon V1 in this instance) to capture images and then process them in the iPhone apps. I have come to believe that such an workflow was blasphemy! So much so that some iPhoneography users group sites specifically prohibit the uploading of images processed on the iDevice, but originally captured with oher cameras. I for one capture 99% of my images using Nikon DSLRs, and about 80% of my post processing/editing is done on my iPad2, the remaining work is done in Lightroom 4 and Photosop CS6, mostly for final printing. I am thrilled to see such an accomplished iPhoneographer using other devices to do the initial capture, and then to use the terrific apps available on iDevices to realize the vision. I (and perhaps other readers) would be interested to hear how you get your Nikon images onto your iPhone. On the iPad the Camera Connection Kit is the “weapon of choice”. Does that work on the iPhone, or do you use a wifi transfer app (or heaven forbid, iTunes)? Keep up the good work. I’ll be back to visit often.

    1. Greatly appreciate the compliments and your observations.

      I agree with you. Some folks think that editing images on an iPhone, iPad, etc. that were not taken with an iPhone is untenable. I understand why certain communities want to be restrictive to only iPhone taken photos. But from my perspective I care only about the final image. If that means I can’t publish all my photos in certain venues that is fine by me.

      At the end of the day, I am not concerned with who made the tool that captures the image or the tools used to edit it. I am a huge fan of Apple devices because they make well designed tools that work together well. But to assume that Apple devices are the only way to do something is shortsighted.

      I wrote a post here on how I use the iPad Camera Connection Kit here https://paulcahill.net/2013/01/05/keeping-photography-mobile-how-to-move-your-images-to-your-mac-editing-platform/. I actually just used it to download photos from hiking/camping trip this weekend. I would be curious to hear if you think it’s useful.

      Do you have a blog or venue where you publish your work? Would love to check it out. Thanks for stopping in.

      1. I agree 100%. The device used to capture the image is just that, a device. It is the image, and any subsequent post-processing that is important. I was not aware that the CCK worked with the iPhone. That’s good to know because I see an iPhone in my future. My wife and I both use the CCK to upload images to our iPad2s from our Nikon DSLRs. Her camera uses the SD adapter. Because most of my cameras use CF cards I either use the USB cable that comes with the CCK or a 3rd party CF card adapter. I also have several different external WifI hard drive devices, so images uploaded to the iPad can now be off-loaded to the external drives for backups. We no longer have to travel with a laptop. And seeing the images on the iPad immediately after a day of shooting is so nice when you are on the road. Then being able to edit them makes it even better.

        I will confess to being a photo-appoholic, I have a hundreds that include super editors, vintage and grunge apps, B&W and colorizers, blenders, collage and montage, printing, cropping, transformations, etc. My editing of mages has been predominately focused on the vintage/grunge genre. I love to layer/blend textures and “turn something new into something old”. I just finished uloading my app’d images to my Flickr account “Nikon UZR”. The link will take you to the entire photostream, but they are also divided into “sets”. In case your interested they can be seen here… http://www.flickr.com/photos/38023931@N03/

        I love trying out all the different apps. You will notice that I use many of the same images over and over again, using different apps, often using multiple apps on a single image. At the bottom of almost all of the mages is a caption that tell which app was used to create the particular FX. It helps if I want to go back a create a particular effect on another image.

        Have fun, and keep shooting!

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