How to be an iPhoneographer: Preparing for Travel

Recently I was preparing for a quick trip to the UK and was thinking through the key things I would need. Of course this included my iPhoneography and photography gear. Given I travel fairly extensively my preparation is now second nature. Or so you would think. On one of my last trips to Europe I realized I had not prepared my iPhone for the onslaught of photos I would be snapping which ended up being quite frustrating as I did not have sufficient memory. “Prepare your iPhone?” you ask? Let me elaborate.

When I travel I have two primary concerns: Loss of the data on the iPhone (i.e. my phone is lost/stolen/destroyed) and lack of available storage (i.e. I need space for pictures). Here is how I handled this:

1. I use Carbonite to back up my Phone in addition to iCloud. I have written about it here and it takes a huge amount of worry off my mind. The day of my trip I opened up the app and let it rip while I ate lunch.

2. Run an iPhoto sync with your iPhone and once completed, delete all your photos on your iPhone (to do this, just plug your phone into your laptop or computer and launch iPhoto). Next, run an iTunes sync. If you have set up your photo syncing preferences in iTunes correctly this will load whatever pictures you want to take with you back onto your device.

3. Check how much available storage you have available by utilizing the iTunes sync menu or in your settings on iPhone. One app that takes quite a bit of storage for me is Hipstamatic. Hipstamatic places a copy of images taken into the iPhoto app but also retains a copy in the Hipstamatic. Given you have backed up and downloaded all your images feel free to delete away within the Hipstamatic app.


A few other items:
Grab your Olloclip
– Grab screen cleaning cloth (I also use one on the iPhone lens lens)
– Grab the USB cord for charging and powerpower adapter kit if traveling out of the country

You are ready to roll.


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