Discipline. Got inspiration?

We all need inspiration from time to time. Inspiration is the perfect complement to studied discipline (i.e. you have to work at it and then work at it some more which can become a tiresome exercise sans inspiration). When it comes to photography there is an incredible proliferation of images from unknown to world-renowned photographers that are easily accessible. For me a mix from both ends of this spectrum  is incredibly helpful. Here is where I am getting my photographic inspiration:

1. Flipboard: I have written about this app in a previous post. It’s an incredible resource. I use it to efficiently consume a high volume of images when I have a few minutes at the end of or during the day.


2. Rueters Wider Image App: This app provides a varied view of journalistic photography from around the world. It also has bios of the photographers that captured the images. It’s interesting to see how their personal stories weave into the work that they do.


3. National Geographic Proof: National Geographic has put together a blog that features photographers with a handful of their images. This is a blog where you can glean incredibly helpful tips from the interviews with the photographers. For instance, I recently read this post about Thomas Peschak who is a wildlife photographer specializing in underwater photography. I have zero interest in underwater photography (not because I don’t appreciate the ocean. I have scuba dived enough times to know that I can barely manage the entire self-contained underwater breathing apparatus quandary much less adding photography in) but his emphasis on planning and “homework”  in capturing great images was very telling:

Peschak also pre-visualize images before he dives, sometimes even sketching them out in advance so he knows what to shoot once he’s in the water.

“One of the things people forget is the amount of time and research that goes into taking pictures,” says Peschak. “Once you are in the water it’s just waiting for it to happen. You know it’s going to happen because you’ve done your homework. One of the secrets is curiosity—speak to people, become a sponge, and make smart decisions about where and what to photograph.”

Here is to inspiration. Now back to the discipline.


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