Hidden experiments

I take a lot of photos. I put about 5% of them on this blog. Others are personal, some are horrible, and then there are the experiments.

The experiments are the photos that do not quite fit the content profile that I have set for this blog. I share these photos via a flickr stream that can be found by clicking on an individual blog post and scrolling down to the bottom right hand side of the post. I often look back over these images and think they might have better content then what I put on this blog. Maybe it’s because there is a stronger emotional connection with these photos. Alas, I thought I would put together a short gallery of these images and share them.

Have a good one.

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1 thought on “Hidden experiments”

  1. Most the pictures you see on crackingmyegg and on my Instagram are experimental or snapshots. I post more serious photos on blogger.

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