My trek into minimalist traveling



I enjoy travel and the exposure to different cultures, histories, and people that it provides. A fair amount of my travel is related to my work and can range from the short puddle hopper to New Orleans to longer trips in Europe, South America, etc. I have traveled for two weeks with an roller bag that fits in the overhead of US planes. But I want to go smaller. Why?

1. I always pack to much. I know for some folks this might sound a bit ridiculous. Yes, I have traveled for weeks in Europe and Asia with one carryon roller and a small computer bag but I still find I have things with me that I do not need. I tend to pack to be prepared for far more than once can rationally anticipate encountering. 

2. The older I get, the more I want to live life intentionally. That means doing things with a purpose and reason, including how I pack a travel bag (for the medical professionals reading along, please insert mental condition suggested by the preceding statements).

3. I like trying new things.

I will be writing a few posts on my trek into minimalist traveling. I have no doubt there will be some failures and dead ends along the way but I know there has to be a better way than what I am doing now. Here is to less. 


3 thoughts on “My trek into minimalist traveling

  1. Well, I’ve been following you for awhile, but now I’ll really be keeping an eye on your posts. I am so intrigued with the whole minimalist thing right now, in all areas of my life, and with a trip on the horizon at the end of September, I’ll just see what I can do too to travel with less.

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