My trek into minimalist traveling: The research



I wrote a few weeks back on why I decided I would pursue minimalist traveling. Now, where do I start?

Research. I have spent my free time over the last several weeks reading travel blogs garnering information on minimalist packing, the best hand held carry one bags, and mapping out the specifics of what I need to get in my bag.

During my research it became clear that most critical step for me was to define what this minimalist bag has to do. I got it down to three core requirements:

1. Capacity: I want to carry one non roller bag that fits in the overhead, will carry enough provisions for multi week business travel. Oh, and I want my sub notebook, iPad mini, and my camera to travel in the bag as well. 

2. Quality: I would like this to be a bag I can use for the next 10 years. The way I travel wears bags out but a quality bag makes that process much more enjoyable 

3. Ease of use: if the bag is not easy to use I will not use it. 

After defining these three requirements, I took about two weeks to read travel blogs, luggage reviews, etc. As I went through this process I continually ended back at Filson. Now to decide on the bag…


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