My trek into minimalist travel: the bag


My trek into minimalist traveling has me at  the first major cross roads: pulling the trigger on a new bag.

I laid out why I am doing this here and what this bag has to do here.

For a short recap, this bag needs to be of high quality, be easy to use, and has to carry what I need to survive multi-week business trip, carry my sub notebook, iPad mini, and my camera.

I landed on the Filson as the brand that had the most bags that met my criteria.There are 3,523 blogs on Filson bags. I have read them all.

After examining the various specifications I decided to pull the trigger on the Filson medium travel bag.
Courtesy of Filson.

It’s not a cheap alternative, retailing at about $325, but as I wrote earlier I am interested in quality and a solution that meets all of my demands.

In order to ensure I have truly committed, I am getting rid of all but one roller suit case. The order has been placed. Now just awaiting the arrival of the new bag….and then the field test.


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