My trek into minimalist travel: The test run

If you are wondering why I keep posting about minimalist travel you can read about that here but in the spirit of moving things along here is a short re-cap:
1. I always pack to much
2. I want to live my life more intentionally
3. I like trying new things
Fast forward through a few weeks of research, I selected the Filson medium travel bag, and it has arrived:
Now I get to take it on a test run. I am head to the gulf of the coast Florida, driving down for a seven day stay in a condo. Given I was driving, capacity was clearly not a problem but I am committed to this minimalist thing.
Here is the finished product:

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It contains:
  • Clothes for 4 days including clothes for workouts, beach, and dinner (Yes, washing will be in order)
  • One pair of shoes (running)
  • Laptop bag
  • iPad
  • Beach reading materials
  • Toiletries
Overall, I achieved all but one packing goal: I failed to get my camera gear it into the bag. This told me I still have work to do. I use a small MountainSmith camera bag which is great and let’s me keep just enough gear with me without weighing me down. My gut instinct is I could have packed my bag in a more efficient manor. Luckily, I have a few more trips up coming to work on this (you may sense an unusual fixation with achieving goals that I may or may not have).



One thought on “My trek into minimalist travel: The test run

  1. I have that bag. And the sportsman bag. The travel bag has seen a lot of abuse (thrown around a lot, fell off a truck on a gravel road, hours spent on the deck of Navy patrol boats top the list) and has only a few stitches missing to show for it.

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