Film photography

My father was an avid photographer. Some of my earliest memories with my father were watching him build a dark room in our house, camping trips experimenting with time lapse photography on mountain streams, and bags upon bags of film ready to be developed.
While I love the freedom and incredible image resolution of digital photography, I can not help but be drawn to the grainy black and white images that the fill the 170 plus year history of photography. While I considered pursuing film photography it a number of times, excuses seemed to carry the day.
A few days ago I received a message from Ben Sutherland, a good friend of mine, asking if I would be interested in some old film cameras he had but no longer used. I accepted the offer without hesitation.
Upon receiving this most generous gift I found 3 cameras and 3 lenses. The Nikon EM immediately caught my eye and I decided it would be the equipment for my foray into film photography.
I plan on writing a few posts on my experience with film photography.

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