1. Noticed these towers while heading into a meeting in Singapore. Thought it was an interesting combination given the different designs but all three were similar heights. 2. Hipstamatic City facts: 1. Population: 5.3 million 2. National symbol: Merlion (More to come on this in future posts) 3. Immigration forms include a bold red warning… Continue reading 1.2.3.

Sunrise in Bangkok

1. After about 20 hours of flying I finally arrived in Bangkok and crashed about 1 AM. As it was pitch black when I arrived at my hotel this was the first I saw of Bangkok the next morning. 2. Grabbed my Nikon V1 and snapped away 3. Headed off to find some coffee. As… Continue reading Sunrise in Bangkok

Through the bridge

1. Run along 30-A 2. Passed this great view that required me to stop and take a photo (and I may or may not have been incredibly winded) 3. Hipstamatic

Caution Flag

1. Enjoying the first evening on the beach with my oldest daughter. 2. Lifeguards could not understand why someone would take 55 photos of a caution flag. I was just searching for the right image. 3. Hipstamatic

Roar lion, roar

1. Great lion statue on Westminster Bridge 2. Thought the silhouette caused by the bright afternoon sun would be interesting. 3. Happy with the end result

Across from the eye

1. Beautiful view across the river Thames 2. Wish I have squared up the shot better but I loved the colors so much that I had to post it. 3. Hipstamatic 4. Interesting facts about the Thames

Lobby view

1. View from a lobby 2. Hipstamatic

Look up

1. Out for a quick iPhoneography walk. Looked up, saw this. 2. Hipstamatic 3. Got rid of the Hipstamatic border. Here is how.

The Moleskine Project No. 5: Travel

1. Time to hit the road

Through the woods and into the water

1. Rainy day while traveling. Spotted this view of a lake through the woods. 2. Hipstamatic 3. A bit of Snapseed cleanup.

The springing of spring

1.Great day at Furman University 2. Used my new Hipstamaric combo I wrote about last week.

The machine that…

    1. Sewing machine 2. Hipstamatic I got a few other interest images from this machine which I plan to post in the near term. Sorry, it was an interesting subject.


  1. Hipstamatic 2. Snapseed

Nola steel

Tarmac: Part II

1. A massive tarmac at Heathrow airport 2. Hipstamatic 3. Snapseed to add horizontal tilt shift

The moleskine project: No.3

  If you are curious about what the moleskine project, see my post here.   When I married my wife she gave me a pair of cufflinks. Then, there was something of a warm event at our house a few years ago. It required us to move out for several months. The evening of the… Continue reading The moleskine project: No.3

Steel jawed

1. A parking meter in Praha 2. Hipstamatic 3. Snapseed

The rack

1. A Skyclub lounge in some foreign land 2. Hipstamatic 3. Snapseed

Two faced (actually four faced)

1. A stroll around London. 2. Hipstamatic BlacKeys film 3. Snapseed for cleanup

Rays: in B&W

1. Sun hitting the river through the City of Spires. 2. Hipstamatic Diana lens and BlacKey film (shocking, I know)

How to bring images to and from Camera Bag

I have been exploring different avenues to manage my iPhoneography images over the last several weeks. I wrote about how I am using Google+ as a back-up site and how I am using DropBox in my workflow. Some folks are entirely married to editing their iPhoneography images only on their iPhone or iPad. While those… Continue reading How to bring images to and from Camera Bag

645 Pro Instruction Manual Online

iPhoneographers often complain about the difficulty of pulling up the instruction manual on the 645 Pro app. Essentially the 645 Pro interface is jammed with amazing features and the instruction manual button, rightly so from my perspective, is relegated to a smaller sliver of the screen. The folks at Jag.gr have come to the rescue… Continue reading 645 Pro Instruction Manual Online

Hipstamatic: The Summer Guide

I opened my iPhone this morning and clicked on the calendar to see what adventures await. Shockingly it's July. The summer has begun to fly and I realized it was high time for an iPhoneography post on the Hipstamatic combinations to use for the summer. As I have mentioned before, Hipstamatic is the app I… Continue reading Hipstamatic: The Summer Guide