To the center

1. Looked up and saw this crane at an interesting angle against the harsh clouds 2. Nikon 3. Snapseed

2 stack


  1. Box of Mason Jars 2. iPhone 3. Snapseed


  1. Signals 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed

Nail in hand

  1. Railroad spike (tetanus shot acquired shortly after handling) 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed

125 T 53 53 48

  1. Weekend photo walk on the old train yards in Atlanta 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed

On the desk

  1. Periodically I check out Pocket Dump. Turns out I have nothing interesting to contribute in that manner. I decided to use what is sitting my desk as my props. Britannica Book of the Year 1946 Button from Budapest My knife Handmade wood pen (not by me) 2. iPhone 3. Snapseed

Brazil in color

  1. Taxi drive in Sao Paulo, Brazil 2. Beautiful blue skies and incredibly colorful buildings 3. Hipstamatic  

Serenity under the cross

1. Walk in Hyde Park 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed

Water breathing mer-lion

1. Stroll through Merlion Park in Singapore during what is potentially the most humid day in history. 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed 4. Fun facts re: Singapore's Merlion

Of angels…and planes

1. Beautiful statue outside of Buckingham Palace 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed

The parade, that is the horse guards parade

1. Early evening stroll to the Horse Guards Parade, one of my favorite places in London 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed

Hooves bearing down

1. Wellington Arch in London. Thought the view of the horses coming over the ledge from this angle was very interesting. 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed 4. Beautiful day for photography

To the arch and back

1. Photo jog (one day I will have to explain the concept) 2. Nikon V1 3. A few angry drivers 4. Shot I am happy with


< 1. Waiting for the Heathrow Express after arriving back in London from the Netherlands. I was very ready to get to the hotel that evening. 2. Hipstamatic

Bridge over non-troubled water

Notes: 1. Viewed spotted through some shrubs while on a Saturday stroll. 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed


1. Clambered out into the middle of the river to get this shot. Camera gear almost took a dive multiple times but I managed to save it. 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed  

Beautiful decay

1. Fallen tree covered with mushrooms and moss 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed  


1. Watching the sunset and thought it was interesting how both ocean and sky were dark but in between was light. 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed


1. Fly fishing reel about to be put into use on the Conasauga river 2. Hipstamatic

Through the grid: II

1. Second photo while experimenting with depth of field (here is the first) 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed for the pizazz


1. Trip into the Cohutta Wilderness 2. Crossing a river (which I subsequently fell into) 3. Hipstamatic  

Where is….

1. Cool viewfinder in London 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed

The dark horseman

1. I have wanted to take a photo of this statue each time I have been in London but the light has not been right. I finally was able be there during the golden hour. 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed

Cutting through the mountain

1. Hike around the mountain ran across train tracks 2. As always, iPhone with me. 3. Hipstamatic

Boat stack

  1. Out for a morning walk around the lake 2. Hipstamatic

Looking glass


1. Abandoned warehouse 2. Nikon  V1 3. Snapseed

It’s rolling round the bend

Thanks to Johhny for the title. Grabbing lunch one day with @JamesCHunter we drove over a bridge on the Westside of Atlanta. I jotted the location down in Evernote almost 8 months ago. Finally I made it back last weekend. 1. Training rolling around the bend 2. Nikon V1 3. Very rainy day 4. Snapseed

The Moleskine Project No. 5: Travel

1. Time to hit the road