1. Bright red fire alarm that you can't help but notice 2. QuickPix 3. Camera+ 4. Snapseed

Self explanatory

1. iPhone (I know, it is shocking) 2. Camera+ 3. Snapseed

Little bike, big wheel

1. A few spare minutes while #thelittlelady napped 2. I saw this sign as we drove to a wedding one evening. Dropped a pin and went back. 3. Camera+ 4. Snapseed


1. Afternoon walk in SC where I somehow found myself behind a bike shops 2. Camera+ 3. Snapseed


1. Watch 2. Olloclip 3. 500 attempts 4. Snapseed

Fuel up

1. An old gas pump at a farm 2.Camera+ 3. Snapseed 4. Border by Tadaa