Caution Flag

1. Enjoying the first evening on the beach with my oldest daughter. 2. Lifeguards could not understand why someone would take 55 photos of a caution flag. I was just searching for the right image. 3. Hipstamatic


  1. Early AM breakfast in Atlanta 2. Great silhouette 3. Hipstamatic

Rocky landing

1. Landing off a river. Those stones were incredibly smooth. 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed  


1. Fly fishing reel about to be put into use on the Conasauga river 2. Hipstamatic

Roar lion, roar

1. Great lion statue on Westminster Bridge 2. Thought the silhouette caused by the bright afternoon sun would be interesting. 3. Happy with the end result

Across from the eye

1. Beautiful view across the river Thames 2. Wish I have squared up the shot better but I loved the colors so much that I had to post it. 3. Hipstamatic 4. Interesting facts about the Thames


1. Trip into the Cohutta Wilderness 2. Crossing a river (which I subsequently fell into) 3. Hipstamatic  

Lobby view

1. View from a lobby 2. Hipstamatic

Look up

1. Out for a quick iPhoneography walk. Looked up, saw this. 2. Hipstamatic 3. Got rid of the Hipstamatic border. Here is how.

Cutting through the mountain

1. Hike around the mountain ran across train tracks 2. As always, iPhone with me. 3. Hipstamatic

Boat stack

  1. Out for a morning walk around the lake 2. Hipstamatic

The Moleskine Project No. 5: Travel

1. Time to hit the road

It’s incredible. It’s edible. It’s….

1. Because sometimes iPhoneography and breakfast go so well together. 2. 645 Pro 3. Snapseed


1. Out and about with the Nikon V1. Great sign. 2. Snapseed

Be they lines or be they shadows

1. Sunlight streaming through an old warehouse 2. The always trusty Hipstamatic BlacKeys film

The thread is to the needle

1. Needle & thread on a sewing machine 2. 645 Pro 3. Snapseed

The springing of spring

1.Great day at Furman University 2. Used my new Hipstamaric combo I wrote about last week.

The machine that…

    1. Sewing machine 2. Hipstamatic I got a few other interest images from this machine which I plan to post in the near term. Sorry, it was an interesting subject.

The moleskine project No. 4: The brand

Another installment in the moleskine project. No. 4 to be specific. For more of the project click here. I love Coke. Not diet coke. Not caffeine free coke. The real thing, preferably in a glass bottle with pure cane sugar.

Walls of shrubs

1. Garden at Hever Castle. 2. An uncharacteristically boring title (I apologize, I won't let it happen again). 3. 645 Pro 4. Snapseed


  1. Hipstamatic 2. Snapseed

A grand door

The last few weeks have been quite intense. Going on 40 straight days of work. Nonetheless, I have found a few minutes to put together a blog post. A grand door in Prague. 1. 645 Pro 2. Snapseed Prague has some of the best doors I have seen. This door faces onto a small alley.

Looking over your shoulder

I just stumbled upon a number of photos from Prague that I had not yet posted. Typical symptom of the iPhoneographer who takes to many photos (assuming that is possible). This is a great bridge across the Valtva. It's not as fantastic as the St. Charles but I love the views it provides. 1. 645 Pro 2.… Continue reading Looking over your shoulder

Nola steel

The moleskine project: No.3

  If you are curious about what the moleskine project, see my post here.   When I married my wife she gave me a pair of cufflinks. Then, there was something of a warm event at our house a few years ago. It required us to move out for several months. The evening of the… Continue reading The moleskine project: No.3

Steel jawed

1. A parking meter in Praha 2. Hipstamatic 3. Snapseed

The rack

1. A Skyclub lounge in some foreign land 2. Hipstamatic 3. Snapseed

The moleskine project: No. 2

1. These are my grandfather's Army dog tags. purpose of dog tags was and is to identify someone when they can not identify themselves. There is certainly an element of morbidity associated with dog tags but the information that such a simple device holds is invaluable for an injured or fallen soldier's family. 2. Hipstamatic 3.… Continue reading The moleskine project: No. 2