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Looking back to look ahead.

This has been quite a year. I have been in 8 countries on 4 continents. My second daughter turned 1 and my oldest daughter turned three. My wife and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. I started using a “real” camera (my Nikon V1) this year instead of only utilizing my iPhone. The content on my blog took a turn away from only iPhone app related posts to broader content related to how an iPhoneographer works with a camera. I took a few minutes today to look back at photos from the year. This helps me see where I can continue to improve my photography as well as be thankful for the experiences I had during the year.

As I look back, these are my three favorite iPhoneography images (click on the image to see the details from the original post):

A grand door


Look up
The machine that…

And these are my three favorite photography images:

Where is….
It’s rolling round the bend
Through the grid: II

I hope everyone has a great Christmas season and focuses on what truly matters in this life.


A post that has nothing to do with iPhoneography. Miracles. Do. Happen.

Periodically I write an “Observation” post because, let’s be honest, one can only read about ( and I can only write about) iPhoneography so often. Now that I think of it, I have not written anything in quite awhile.

I once attempted to be a musician. I am no longer a musician. Nonetheless, I love music. I am not a top 40 consumer. I appreciate artists that are striving for innovation. Here are a few folks and, related songs, that I am listening too now:

1. Brother of Pearl – Colonel’s Daughter

2. The Lumineers – Ho Hey

3. Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks

4. Tonic – If you could only see

5. Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – Aint Nothing like the real thing

6. Aretha Franklin – You send me

7. Beirut – Postcards from Italy

8. Kopecky Family Band – Little baby sister

In addition, there is a music sharing site that is sponsored by artists called NoiseTrade. It allows you to download a selection of songs for free. From a business perspective I think this is a brilliant model. I have downloaded songs from over 10 artists and subsequently purchased full albums from a number of these artists.

Here is to music.


Folks – It’s September and that means it is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. My wife works at the Aflac Cancer Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and they put together this video highlighting the beautiful faces of their patients that I wanted to share.

Cancer remains the leading cause of death in children by disease in the US.  Much research is still needed for a cure.  The cure rate for childhood cancer is near 80%.  However, that means 20% of children lose their battle to cancer.  Please consider giving to one of the organizations listed below to fight for a cure.

Father’s field

I am fortunate enough to be friends with Chris Ferebee. Chris is a composer currently working in Oxford, England. For a reason yet unbeknownst, he asked me to work with him on a project. I wrote a few texts to accompany songs in a cycle he has entitled Eclogues. While over the in the UK recently I was fortunate enough to attend a concert at the JdP_Oxford that included Father’s field. Below is a video of the live recording {Chris is the one on the right and Rebecca Tay is on the left (an incredible talent in her own right)}.

As you can see Chris is quite the composer. You can hear more of Chris’ work and follow him on Twitter.

The B-side

One thing I have quickly learned during my rather Crusade like march through iPhoneography is that volume typically leads to quality. I am not a trained photographer (I know this may come as a deep shock to many of you but we must all steady ourselves and take face towards the truth). I find my way through practice. The beautiful thing about iPhoneography is there is no limit on the number of photos you can take.

Each Thursday I post a photo in the Views worth viewing series. This is one photo that I thought would meet the scrutiny of your surgeon’s eye and prove itself worthy. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it does not. Nonetheless, what no one knows is how many photos I take that never get close to being presented to you. Ask my wife, it’s a lot. My iPhone iCloud Photostream is littered with the carcasses of my iPhoneography failures.

To demonstrate my great humility I thought it worthy to show you my B-side. Please deal sparingly with me.

Snap, or rather tap, away.






The Lego Project

So there we were. I was project manager. My right and left hand folks were pitching the idea. I liked where their heads were at (nod to @atltsx). It made sense. We had the perfect plan for the best Lego diving board ever.

We threw ourselves into it, Totus Porcus. And that was just it. Nothing more. My team and me. Our average age was 11. I am 29.

There was not a cash bonus or stock based compensation award. But we threw ourselves into it and the experience and result was the reward. Sometimes that is just how life should be.

To the Dads with Daughters

This last summer I was able to spend time with my daughter and it was very different from time we have spent together before. This may be because she has yet to reach her second year but nonetheless three things were illuminated in my mind (a mind which seems to be quite dimly lit in retrospect).

1. Walk down the beach and talk with her as long as she wants even if she seems to be speaking another language (you are not that bright so assume it’s Cantonese and she is bilingual)

2. Protect her. It’s not because she is weak. We protect the Mona Lisa and it’s a painting. We protect Israel and it’s a country. Protect your daughter because she is better than both.

3. Hang on. You are probably at least 20 years her senior. My guess is when we are laying in a hospital bed at the end of this grand journey and everyone else assumes we are done for and gone then we will probably be glad we did 1 & 2.