Celebrating Hope. Fighting for CURE!

This is a guest post from my wonderful wife. Powerful. If this does not move you, you might check your pulse for signs of life. This past Tuesday was my first day back to work after a three month maternity leave. ┬áIn case you don't know what I do, I am a nurse at the… Continue reading Celebrating Hope. Fighting for CURE!


Why P90x Works for Me

And there I was, sitting on the couch in all my Saturday morning glory circa 2008 with remote in hand. Click, click, click. I land on FSN which happened to be running a P90x infomercial. Fitness infomercials hold a special place in my heart given the joy provided when absurd claims are made by a… Continue reading Why P90x Works for Me

A Guide to College Football in the South (if you did not go to a big football school)

"College football in the South is huge." Herein lies one of the larger understatements of the 21st century. It's fans demonstrate their fervor in ways that may seem alarming to the outsider. The following are but a few examples: While 99.9% of the Southern populous attended a big football school and are absolutely rabid fans… Continue reading A Guide to College Football in the South (if you did not go to a big football school)