The thread is to the needle

1. Needle & thread on a sewing machine 2. 645 Pro 3. Snapseed

The machine that…

    1. Sewing machine 2. Hipstamatic I got a few other interest images from this machine which I plan to post in the near term. Sorry, it was an interesting subject.

The moleskine project No. 4: The brand

Another installment in the moleskine project. No. 4 to be specific. For more of the project click here. I love Coke. Not diet coke. Not caffeine free coke. The real thing, preferably in a glass bottle with pure cane sugar.


Saw this lock on a garden gate in the UK. I loved the contrast between the jagged brick wall in the background and the smooth steel of the lock. 1. 645 Pro 2. Snapseed

Walls of shrubs

1. Garden at Hever Castle. 2. An uncharacteristically boring title (I apologize, I won't let it happen again). 3. 645 Pro 4. Snapseed


  1. Hipstamatic 2. Snapseed


1. London 2. Hipstamatic 3. Snapseed


1. Fantastic rotary phone in a New Orleans hotel. 2. 645 Pro 3. Snapseed

Lock & Co. Hatters

1. Visiting the Lock & Co. Hatters in London. One of the coolest stores I have been too. 2. Could not resist snapping some photos of the hatboxes on shelves. 3. Hipstamatic 4. Snapseed to trim off the Hipstamatic border

Corner to corner

1. Atlanta 2. Hipstamatic 3. Snapseed


Locker: 2012-025000009

1. Locker on the beach in Santa Rosa, FL 2. 645 Pro 3. Snapseed

To the point(s)


1. Walking across a Thames River bridge in London 2. Used my Hipstamatic presets to get the right lens film combo (Jane + BlacKeys) as I saw this shot developing (can you beat Parliament and Elizabeth Tower 3. Used Camera Bag to remove the Hipstamatic borders As a side note, I used Postagram and sent my daughter… Continue reading Mercuria

The approach

1. View while flying into Heathrow 2. Hipstamatic BlacKeys film

Hanging on by a few thousand rivets

1. The supports of the Hungerford Bridge across the Thymes 2. 645 Pro 3. Snapseed

The view from beneath

1. Beneath a bridge in London (I seem to have an affinity for bridges in London) 2. 645 Pro 3. Snapseed

Bevington Road

1. Fantastic stone street sign in front of a stone wall in Summertown 2. 645 Pro 3. Snapseed  

Tower through the tree

1. Park in Oxford, UK 2. Hipstamatic 3. Loved how the tower appears through the trees


  1. Terminal at Heathrow Airport 2. 645 Pro 3. Snapseed

Runaway sign

1. Stage entrance at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta 2. 645 Pro 3. Snapseed  


Old cotton

1. The old cotton exchange in Rock Hill, SC 2. Olloclip Wide angle 3. Phototoaster

How the bird sees Times Square

1. Sneaking away from work on a Saturday to grab a shot of times square 2. Olloclip 3. Camera+

Red Church

1. Church 2. Beautiful day 3. Camera+ 4. Snapseed

The Plymouth

1. Very cool sign in Chicago 2. Ice cold day 3. Camera+ 4. Snapseed

Top three iPad apps

  I have had my iPad for approximately one month. I have downloaded 1,302,459 apps. There are three that I use almost every day. The reason I use these apps comes down to functionality. 1. Flipboard - There is no better way to view content on Twitter or Facebook. It literally comes alive and you can dig… Continue reading Top three iPad apps