1. I recently decided to focus on shooting 6x6 images. 2. The detail of this artwork being displayed at the Atlanta High Museum was incredible 3. My trusty 645 Pro 4 Snapseed

Atlanta + Trains

I am constantly looking for places where I might be able to capture an interesting image. Trains and the related apparatus have always held a fascination for me (the origins of this still remain a bit murky). I had noticed a spot where trains typically stop in downtown Atlanta but it was difficult to get to the tracks.… Continue reading Atlanta + Trains


1. Kings Cross Station 2. 645 Pro 3. Snapseed

Father’s field

I am fortunate enough to be friends with Chris Ferebee. Chris is a composer currently working in Oxford, England. For a reason yet unbeknownst, he asked me to work with him on a project. I wrote a few texts to accompany songs in a cycle he has entitled Eclogues. While over the in the UK… Continue reading Father’s field

The screen

Ingredients: 1. 12th century Spanish screen 2. QuickPix 3. Olloclip wide angle lens 4. Snapseed