Scholar + Flower + Shield

1. Oxford 2. 645 Pro 3.Snapseed



1. I recently decided to focus on shooting 6x6 images. 2. The detail of this artwork being displayed at the Atlanta High Museum was incredible 3. My trusty 645 Pro 4 Snapseed

Hipstamatic: The Summer Guide

I opened my iPhone this morning and clicked on the calendar to see what adventures await. Shockingly it's July. The summer has begun to fly and I realized it was high time for an iPhoneography post on the Hipstamatic combinations to use for the summer. As I have mentioned before, Hipstamatic is the app I… Continue reading Hipstamatic: The Summer Guide

Peering through the colonnade

1. A field trip to the birthplace of one of the most fascinating figures in history (W. Churchill). 2. Awe inspiring view of Blenheim Palace 3. 645 Pro 4. Snapseed 5. Annoying discovery of folks sneaking through the bottom of my image