How to bring images to and from Camera Bag

I have been exploring different avenues to manage my iPhoneography images over the last several weeks. I wrote about how I am using Google+ as a back-up site and how I am using DropBox in my workflow. Some folks are entirely married to editing their iPhoneography images only on their iPhone or iPad. While those… Continue reading How to bring images to and from Camera Bag

Hipstamatic: The Summer Guide

I opened my iPhone this morning and clicked on the calendar to see what adventures await. Shockingly it's July. The summer has begun to fly and I realized it was high time for an iPhoneography post on the Hipstamatic combinations to use for the summer. As I have mentioned before, Hipstamatic is the app I… Continue reading Hipstamatic: The Summer Guide

Top three iPad apps

  I have had my iPad for approximately one month. I have downloaded 1,302,459 apps. There are three that I use almost every day. The reason I use these apps comes down to functionality. 1. Flipboard - There is no better way to view content on Twitter or Facebook. It literally comes alive and you can dig… Continue reading Top three iPad apps