Roosevelt Hotel

1. Late night arrival in New Orleans. One of my favorite quick places to eat is Dominica's. It's in the lobby of the Roosevelt hotel. 2. Hipstamatic

Nola steel


1. Fantastic rotary phone in a New Orleans hotel. 2. 645 Pro 3. Snapseed

Waking up in New Orleans

1. Returning from an early morning workout to find a great reflection on the hotel desk 2. Camera+ 3. 500 attempts to get it right. This was as close as I got. 4. Snapseed

Fountain in New Orleans

Ingredients: 1. Fountain in New Orleans 2. Camera+

Hotel Monteleone & Diptic: Part II

These views were captured with QuickPix, edited with Camera+, and composed with Diptic. The subject is of course the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans. I have been drawn by it's neon sign once before.

A view of the Hotel Monteleone

I love old signs and saw this one atop the Hotel Monteleone out a window in New Orleans.

Q4 Update: Top Food Finds in 2010

I know what you are thinking. This post is like you just had Christmas all over again. You have been waiting on tenterhooks to see what culinary delights it would contain. To the extent you have just recently discovered this blog (and are no doubt enraptured by the brillance contained herein) and you have not read the… Continue reading Q4 Update: Top Food Finds in 2010

My Top Food Finds in 2010

I quite enjoy finding new restaurants and trying new food. Some might find this hard to reconcile with my distaste for overeating. I would not classify myself as a foodie or food snob. I enjoy food irrespective of the level of sophistication or price tag as long as it's good. The following are my top 8… Continue reading My Top Food Finds in 2010