Taming the river

1. Clinging tediously to a mossy mess of rocks in the middle of the Reedy River 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed

The springing of spring

1.Great day at Furman University 2. Used my new Hipstamaric combo I wrote about last week.

Fisheye: The beach

1. Hilton Head, SC 2. Olloclip (click here to learn what it is) 3. Hipstamatic BlacKeys film 4. Removed the Hipstamatic border using Camera Bag (click here to learn how)


1. Bright red fire alarm that you can't help but notice 2. QuickPix 3. Camera+ 4. Snapseed

5 through 8

1. Bay of doors 2. Olloclip wide angle lens 3. Snapseed

Little bike, big wheel

1. A few spare minutes while #thelittlelady napped 2. I saw this sign as we drove to a wedding one evening. Dropped a pin and went back. 3. Camera+ 4. Snapseed

Old cotton

1. The old cotton exchange in Rock Hill, SC 2. Olloclip Wide angle 3. Phototoaster

Down the line

1. Breaking the rules, laying down on Traintracks, living to tell about it 2. Camera+ 3. Snapseed

Red Church

1. Church 2. Beautiful day 3. Camera+ 4. Snapseed


Tools: 1. iPhone 2. Phototoaster

Splitting tracks

Ingredients: 1. A walk down the tracks somewhere in South Carolina 2. Camera+ 3. Ansel Adams for inspiration

The grid

Ingredients: 1. A free hour in Rock Hill, SC 2. The power grid at Winthrop University 3. Phototoaster