No. 11

1. Station No. 11 (now turned resturant) in downtown Atlanta 2. Nikon 3. Snapseed

To the center

1. Looked up and saw this crane at an interesting angle against the harsh clouds 2. Nikon 3. Snapseed

To the sky

1. Early morning photo shoot in Atlanta. I apologize to the folks I woke up. 2. Church and Skyscraper at North Avenue and Peachtree (the real Peachtree) 3. Nikon V1 4. Snapseed

Hymn 38

1. Bulletin at Westminster Presbyterian 2. Hipstamatic

Hit the water

1. Time to hit the water at Lake Lanier 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed


1. Biltmore hotel in Atlanta 2. Nikon 3. Snapseed

The Varsity

1. Early summer morning in Atlanta well before hamburgers were being served 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed


1. Road trip heading south 2. Detour to this store primarily because when you see a building this bright in the middle of cotton fields you are compelled to pull over. 3. Hipstamatic 4. Couldn't decide which I liked better so I posted both. Composition in the first image is better but I love the… Continue reading Blackcat


1. Out and about with the Nikon V1. Great sign. 2. Snapseed