Cutting through the mountain

1. Hike around the mountain ran across train tracks 2. As always, iPhone with me. 3. Hipstamatic

Steel in water

  1. Train stopped in Atlanta 2. Torrential downpour 3. 645 Pro 4. Snapseed


1. Waiting to catch a train 2. 645 Pro 3. Snapseed

Atlanta + Trains

I am constantly looking for places where I might be able to capture an interesting image. Trains and the related apparatus have always held a fascination for me (the origins of this still remain a bit murky). I had noticed a spot where trains typically stop in downtown Atlanta but it was difficult to get to the tracks.… Continue reading Atlanta + Trains

Down the line

1. Breaking the rules, laying down on Traintracks, living to tell about it 2. Camera+ 3. Snapseed

Splitting tracks

Ingredients: 1. A walk down the tracks somewhere in South Carolina 2. Camera+ 3. Ansel Adams for inspiration