Hit the water

1. Time to hit the water at Lake Lanier 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed

Water breathing mer-lion

1. Stroll through Merlion Park in Singapore during what is potentially the most humid day in history. 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed 4. Fun facts re: Singapore's Merlion

Bridge over non-troubled water

Notes: 1. Viewed spotted through some shrubs while on a Saturday stroll. 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed

Taming the river

1. Clinging tediously to a mossy mess of rocks in the middle of the Reedy River 2. Nikon V1 3. Snapseed

The view from beneath

1. Beneath a bridge in London (I seem to have an affinity for bridges in London) 2. 645 Pro 3. Snapseed


1. Out watching the sunset on the Vltava river last night. 2. 645 Pro 3. Olloclip wide angle lens 4. Snapseed

City phone

Run water run

1. Snapseed 2. Phototoaster 3. Running water